Morgan Challenge Race Series
Tony Morgan Tipp Memorial award for true sportsmanship
Points and Awards

Morgan Challenge trophy
Presented to the overall winner of the Challenge, this is the driver who wins the most points in the qualifying rounds of the championship. Usually the best 8 rounds qualify for the award.

The Peter Collins tray awarded to the overall winner
The trophy is the beautiful Peter Collins Tray. It is the Firestone Trophy awarded to Peter Collins in 1958 for being the Overall Maximum Distance Winner in the Florida Twelve Hour Grand Prix of Endurance.

AR Motorsport trophy
Presented by AR Motorsport, the performance arm of the Morgan Motor Company, to the driver who wins the most points overall during the whole season.

This is a magnificent bronze sculpture modelled on the late Tony Morgan Tipp's Plus 8 at speed.
It is pictured at the top of this page.

The aim of the award is to reward and promote the true spirit of Morgan racing. Any registered competitor of the Morgan Challenge race series is eligible to win it. Uniquely he or she will have polled the majority vote of their fellow competitors.

Each year drivers are asked, in a secret ballot, to choose the driver who in their opinion has shown these qualities:
1. Enthusiasm and participation.
2. Consideration to others - both on and off the track.
3. Contribution to the benefit of others and the overall success of the series.
4. Encouragement - in two senses - someone who has encouraged you and someone who would welcome some encouragement!

Peter Sargeant, long standing Morgan racer and close friend of Tony, commissioned the trophy and presented it to the Morgan Racing Challenge in his memory. The trophy was first awarded in 1991 and has been presented annually since then. For a list of previous winners click here.



Final championship positions
Brett Syndercombe has won the Challenge by just one point with Steve Lockett a close run second.


Final points for 2019
Showing overall winners of the Morgan Challenge and Aero Racing Trophies plus class winners.


Final championship points
Tim Parsons beat Brett Syndercombe by just one point!

Final Championship Points
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From the Beginning

Click here to see a complete history of winners from the very first season in 1985.
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