Morgan Challenge Race Series
Morgan Challenge race at Castle Combe
Created in 1985 by a group of Morgan racing enthusiasts, the Morgan Challenge is a one-make race series for Morgan sportscars. Since its formation it has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the most successful one-make race series.

The Morgan Challenge is open to all 4-wheeled Morgans and the championship is divided into several classes encompassing both standard and modified cars to encourage entries from as broad a spectrum of cars as possible. It is well known for being friendly, welcoming and supportive of both new and seasoned competitors. Grids throughout the season are well supported with an average of 30 cars on the grid for every race.

Exciting and challenging venues
We have raced at overseas venues including Zandvoort and Assen in Holland and at the Spa Summer Classic.

Eligible Cars
The series has a wide variety of classes to cover all of the various models that have been produced by the Morgan Motor Company and those classes are framed to cater for the latest models through to near standard 4-cylinder engines. The choice is yours. Members of our Technical Committee are always happy to guide and advise on which class your Morgan is eligible for.

Sponsorship and Support
The Morgan Motor Company actively supports and sponsors the series. There are always representatives from the Morgan Motor Company at race meetings looking after factory cars that they have brought along to race and they bring along a variety of spares for sale to anyone who needs them.

Close racing
There are usually 10 race weekends with 12 races and the best 9 count towards the Championship positions. Points are awarded to class winners, second, third and so on, with an extra point being awarded for the fastest lap in each class. This enables a quick and consistent driver from any class to become overall champion and win the coveted Peter Collins Tray at the end of the season. It also ensures that, although the overall race winner on the day is likely to come from the highly modified and very quick cars, the battles for class honours throughout the field should be just as hotly contested. The championship winner is often decided at the last race of the season.

Morgan Drivers
There are around 60 registered competitors in the series: several have been racing in the Challenge since it began in 1985 and some are new drivers, either novices to the sport or who have migrated from other forms of motor sport or other race series. Some competitors drive to the circuit in their race cars on the day of the event, some camp, some overnight in a local B&B and others bring their cars on trailers behind motor homes.
The variety of competitors is wide, both in age and occupations. The only qualifications you need are to be enthusiastic and sporting; commitment ranges from highly competitive to laid-back. The Morgan race series is one of the most friendly and if anyone has a problem with their car at a race meeting, advice and help are always on hand from fellow drivers and their crews.

A Family Affair
It is a credit to the successful format of the race series that several regular competitors today have been racing in it since the first event in 1985. One used to race in the 1960s and has recently joined the series with his son. There are several “children” now racing alongside their parents in the Morgan Challenge and there are several lady drivers so it is a fully inclusive and family affair. In fact it prides itself on being more than just a race series – it is a family of Morgan drivers.

Spirit of Morgan Racing
Everyone taking part in the series voluntarily agrees to a Drivers Charter emphasising that the enjoyment and participation in the Morgan Challenge is based upon a special respect for each other’s cars, friendship between competitors and finishing races with all the cars in one piece.
Morgan drivers all help each other out in the paddock with any mechanical problems and make sure that cars driven to the circuit (there are several of these) can get home should they have problems at the circuit. There is an award at the end of the season, voted for by the drivers, for the person who has embodied the true spirit of Morgan racing during the season. There is also an award for the driver who has driven their car to the race meetings the most times.